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About Arezzo

Arezzo, a town to discover in the heart of Italy
Arezzo rises upon the Tuscan hills, in the heart of Italy. Its ancient origins date back to the 8° century B. C. when it became one of the most important Etruscan City-State (Lucumony) in the 6° century B. C and then it became a roman centre during the 3° century B. C named “Arretium”.
After the fall of the Roman empire, Arezzo, like other towns, passed through a period of decay for some centuries. In the Middle-Age the town became a political and religious centre and a “Free Commune”.

Arezzo is one of the wealthiest cities in Tuscany, due to its tradition in gold-smithery. Located in southeastern Tuscany, it sits atop a hill (where else?) at the crossroads of four valleys: the Val Tiberina, Casentino, Valdarno and Valdichiana.

Arezzo has much to offer although it generally is not included in the main itineraries of Tuscany. If you're visiting Tuscany for the first time, then there are certainly other places in Tuscany more famous that should be included during your short vacation. But if you're returning to Tuscany or have a week in Tuscany, make your way to Arezzo and to the surrounding countryside for a day. You'll find less visitors and many more locals, as well as the many treasures in the towns and castles that played an important role in the history of Tuscany. Visit Cortona, Anghiari, Monterchi and Sansepolcro (if you love Piero della Francesca) and the beautiful castle of Poppi - these are just some of the most beautiful towns in the province of Arezzo that wait to be discovered on your Tuscan trip.

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Getting across to Arezzo

The city does not have an airport. The closest airports are Rome and Florence. You can get to Arezzo by road or take a train. Though there are three train stations in Arezzo - you want to use the main train station which is called “Arezzo” (only Arezzo)

There are frequent trains to Arezzo from Rome and Florence ( Florence to Arezzo takes 40 minutes by train and Rome to Arezzo is about 2 hours 30 minutes

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